Marami pro Asia

Marami pro Asia is a Non Governmental Organization born in 2004. It is an initiative of the Philippine General Consulate in Valencia together with a group of friends concerned about inequality and poverty in Asia

Marami pro Asia

The organization is dedicated to raising awareness and voluntary action with Asian countries, especially the Philippines.

The actions carried out focus on health, nutrition and education.

Marami’s projects towards Asia aim to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged children and adults of the Third World. The desire of the association is to help build societies where people can develop their potential and where their rights are respected.


is formed by five members:
  • President: Carmen Sanchis Ferrandis
  • Vice-president: Rebeca Ribes Hankins
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Arantxa Sanchis Ferrandis
  • Vocals: Mª Eugenia Gascó-Gomez de Membrillera and Lucas Mejia Sanchis


Promote volunteer help among the youth and those who want to collaborate to protect the rights of the needy.


Encourage the defence of the education for children and offer the opportunity to “practice solidarity” through different areas of volunteer work, training, awareness and development cooperation.


Assume that the primary mission of a Development Cooperation NGO is to provide individuals and local communities the basic tools to eradicate poverty, promoting education and job training.


Marami is declared as a public interest Non-government Organization (NGO) by the Ministry of National Affairs so any donation may be deducted as tax return.

The NGO is also registered at the following:

National Registry for Associations: 591485

- Autonomical Registration: Registro Asociaciones de la Generalitat Valenciana (Grupo-1, Sección-1 con el nº CV-01-040175-V)

- Autonomical Registration: Registro Autonómico de Asociaciones de la Comunidad Valenciana (Sección cuarta, num. CV-04-040630-V)

- Registro de Agentes de la Cooperación Internacional al Desarrollo de la CV (num. 1856)

- Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development: Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID) num. 1856

- Servei d’Informació i Dinamització (SeDi) of the University of Valencia num. 156/10


  • Kusang Loob Foundation (Filipinas)
  • Our Lady of Fatima Foundation (Filipinas)
  • Fundación Humanismo y Democracia
  • Farmamundi
  • Club Unesco
  • Comunidad filipina en Valencia


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Alcalde Pontevedra 2014 Tigeon 2008 Pontevedra 2011 Negros Occidental 2009 Alcalde Pontevedra barangay-2009 Western Visayas Western-visayas2 2010 Ombudsman Negros Occidental 2012


Reasons to be a volunteer


It is an opportunity to gain experiences and establish international contacts.


In your professional career this type of experiences will be positively valued.


You will discover talents and passions unknown to you before. It will help you to be more organized, responsible and flexible to new challenges.


You will create relationships, friendships and establish a great network of people with your same ideals.


You will learn to adapt to many situations, which will be a great opportunity to develop your potential and capabilities to face your future.


You will know other realities that will help you in your way of seeing the world.

Ayuda en Filipinas


  • Medical, dental and educational missions

  • Awareness campaigns about volunteering

  • Seminars to prepare volunteers for international cooperation

  • Annual presentation of all the fulfilled projects

  • Cultural and sport activities with the Filipino community
Voluntariado Filipinas



1. Professional orientation for young immigrants

Material distribution, career guidance classes, visits to different vocational training centers, individualized tutorials in collaboration with the Filipino community in Valencia and Parish of Saint Mauro.

2. Basketball as integration between different immigrant communities in the Valencian Community

Trainings, sports equipment delivery, seminars about social coexistence, education and solidarity and basketball tournaments.

3. Reintegration of prisoners through music

Creation of a prisoner’s choir in Picassent’s Penitentiary (Valencia). Handing out musical instruments, music sheet, chats about behaviour and musical performances for other inmates and their families.


1. Medical attention

Check-ups, medical prescription, blood extraction, minor surgery, childbirth assistance, pediatric care and health promotion outreach. These activities are carried out in Pontevedra Health Center, in Negros Occidental, and in different barangays of the municipality.

2. Promotion of dental care

Dental check-ups, dental supplies distribution and dental hygiene classes at Pontevedra Health Center and Barangays of Canroma, Miranda, General Malvar, Poblacion, Reclamation, Recreo and San Juan.

3. Collaboration with Aloha Project from Hawaii (USA)

Massive surgical procedures at the Silay City Hospital in cooperation with Santa Scholastica Foundation (Bacolod, Negros Occidental).

4. Blood extraction and donation campaign

Blood extractions to volunteers from different barangays to be donated to blood banks.

5. Children and adults vaccination

Childhood immunization in several elementary schools and mass vaccination against flu for old people together with the nurses of Pontevedra Health Center.

6. Assistance in religious institutions destined to child protection

Medical check-up and distribution of non-perishable goods to Holy Family Residence in Cabug, Negros Occidental.

7. Vaccinations against rabies

Funding of the rabies vaccination center that serves the entire northern area of Negros Occidental.

8. Attention at Asilo de San Vicente de Paul in Paco, Manila

Language, culture and cooking classes for orphaned people and adults of this institution.

9. Activities at Bahay Pag-asa Foundation in Murcia, Negros Occidental

Musical, Sports and recreacional activities wiht the Routh of Bahay Pag-asa Foundation.

10. Sport as a means of transmitting culture and nutritional hygiene

Informative talks, trainings, tournaments and handing out sports equipment.

11. Cultural promotion through Spanish classes

Spanish lessons, distribution of school supplies to students of elementary, high school and vocational schools such as Pontevedra North Elementary School, Pontevedra National High School and Marle’s Learning and Vocational School.

12. "Todos contigo: Filipinas"

Campaigns to raise funds for the victims of the typhoon Haiyan, considered as the most destructive of the past years that left more than 13 million people affected. In Cadiz City, located in the north of Negros Occidental, this NGO carried out medical consultations, free medical dispensation and distribution of basic food and hygiene kits.

13. Restoration of Fatima Center for Human Development in Iriga, Camarines Sur

Material delivery, talks about rules of coexistence and hygiene, cleaning and restoration of the rooms of abandoned children of this institution.

14. Medical mission at Barangays of Bicol

Check-ups, vaccination, minor surgery, childbirth assistance and nutritional orientation for the population of Nabua, Camarines Sur.

15. Restoration of public schools in Pontevedra

Restoration of the installations of Pontevedra North Elementary School and Marle’s Learning and Vocational School.

16. Activities with the children of different barangays of Pontevedra

Carried out at Barangay Cambarus, Barangay Canroma, Barangay General Malvar, Barangay Gomez, Barangay Mabini, Barangay M.H. del Pilar, Barangay Miranda, Barangay Pandan, Barangay Poblacion, Barangay Reclamation, Barangay Recreo, Barangay San Juan and Barangay Zamora.

17. Project in Honduras

Collaboration with the religious of Santa Rosa de Copan to expand the penitentiary and raise fund for medical and dental team.

18. Project in India

Visits to different schools and health centers to know the needs of the population of Sumanahalli, Harapanahalli and Nalgonda.

19. Project in La Habana, Cuba

Social assistance for the elderly of Hogar de Ancianos Santovenia offering them medical care and rehabilitation.

20.Masks project

Masks distribution to immigrants and people in need during the pandemic in Spain and the United States. Promotion of vaccination by helping older people to have access to them.

Contact information

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 17:00 to 20:00

  • Av. del Puerto 308 pta 3-1º, 46024 Valencia
  • Telephone numbers: +34 627 388 088 / +34 676 675 562
  • Email:
  • To Collaborate:

    Through our account number: Bankia ES13 2038 6282 26 3000526306
    (Our NGO is an Entity of Public Interest, you can request for a tax deduction.)

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